OTSA Officers & Directors

Much hard work takes places behind the scenes.  So you will know who is responsible

for that work AND if you have a question about a particular area you will know which officer to approach.

2019 Officers (pdf)



Tim Deister, Oklahoma ATA Delegate

The Grand American had beautiful weather every day. The targets were good which led to perfect scores in every event. The Grand is a hard place to win, due to the large number of the best shooters from around the world competing.  Oklahoma shooters were able to compete and win.  Some of them winning awards that we noticed were Kya Funkhouser, Shelby Skaggs, Vickie Farmer, Randy Farmer, Charles Leadingfox, Kenyon Bert, Pat Stacey, Josh Stacey, Corbin Grybowski, Nathan Lemki, Lynden Shumaker, William Dayton, Robert Rimer, Christopher Diller, Jacob Diller, Robert Ernsting, Eric Parks, Ron Bliss, Brayden Bliss.  Eric picked up a C Class trophy from last year in the 28 GA event and won B Class in the same event this year.  In the Champion of Champions event, Charles Leadingfox and Jacob Diller ran 100 straights where Jacob was Sub Jr 3rd.  Jacob also had 486x500 to win 2nd AA, RU.  Shelby had 480x500 in Preliminary doubles and was 4th in Lady I.  She was also 9th on the 1000 total for Preliminary week.  Christopher had 199 for Sub Jr RU, and William Dayton 189 won Sr Vet RU.  Shelby and Pat also had 199's.  Vickie Farmer broke her high in doubles to win Class D with 96.  Randy broke 97 running the last 50 and ran the first 50 of the next handicap.  He was 111 straight.  Kya's 98 in Doubles was high Sub Jr and she ran the last 50.  Klayton McGee ran the first 50 for 97 in doubles.  Corbin had 199's 98, 907, 96 in Doubles and 96 handicap.  Jeff Trayer had 199's and 198's.  Nathan Lemke and Kenyon Bert were very consistent in handicap.  Nathan broke 20-20-20-20 for 80 and Kenyon broke 24-24-24-24 for 96.  Kenyon won a very nice "McCarry trophy" shooter bag (see photo in Gallery of Winners). The Southwestern Zone Championship was high with 997x1000. Dalton Jennings 200x200, Dennis Bringelson 200x200, Stacey Rehor 200x200, Pat Stacey 199x200 and Nathan Lemke 198x200.  Some of the AIM winners were Christopher Diller 2 wins, Kya 2 wins, Colt Quisenberry.  And Abigail Colton won Jr Gold high Lady in the International event.  Zane Arnold won Jr Gold RU in the 28 GA event.  Robert Ernsting won Jr Gold RU in the Make-A-Break event, Jr Gold 3rd in 22 Caliber Hand Gun Event, and Jr Gold 3rd in 22 Caliber Bolt action rifle event.

A list of the team wins and who made up the teams will be published on this website soon.

Taylor Casteel was required to shoot penalty 25 yard handicap.  She still shot very well having a 98 in singles.  There were 54 Oklahoma shooters again this year same as last year.  Twenty-three of these were our young AIM shooters, who stayed and shot Grand Week.  Kathy Key won the Perazzi HyTech Combo Gun in the drawing.  I offered to help her "break it in". Kathy plans to visit her daughter in Edmond on Sept 16th.  They just got moved in, but the furniture has not arrived yet!!