OTSA Officers & Directors

Much hard work takes places behind the scenes.  So you will know who is responsible

for that work AND if you have a question about a particular area you will know which officer to approach.

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Tim Deister, Oklahoma ATA Delegate

Oklahoma 2020 Trap Shooting Kicks Off

Winter Derbies are shooting every weekend around central area.  Attendance depends on the weather.  But a few faithful shooters show up and go home with some cash in their pockets.  Derbies will continue until the end of February.

A young boyscout, Cameron, shot his first round of trap last weekend at OTSA. He was required to shoot 25 targets and hit at least 12 by the scouts.  And he did just that.  He and his parents were so excited.  The beginning of another trap shooter career maybe?  I told Paul Hooper that he's is hooked now.

Sad news.  Gino Sears, son of Gene and Betty Sears passed away January 17, 2020.  Gino has been a long time member of OTA and an co-owner of the Gene Sears Supply Company.  Gino will be missed.  We've included his obituary in this article.

Geno Sears Obituary

Gino Sears Obit (jpg)