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Tim Deister, Oklahoma ATA Delegate

Saturday, Dec 14, 2019

Yesterday, Oklahoma lost another great shooter, Jimmy Brown of Sayre, OK. Jimmy was an Oklahoma shooter, and let everyone know it. He wore a Black shooting vest, with the big white letters of "OKLAHOMA" on the back. Jimmy was inducted into the Oklahoma Trap Shooters Hall of Fame in 1987,, and placed on the OK  State Trap team for many years. Jimmy started shooting trap in 1966, and broke his 1st 100 in May 1969. He won many Oklahoma State Shoot title's including the Championship Singles 10 times, and the Handicap in 1988. He was part of the record breaking Singles squad in 1971 that broke 997 x 1000. Jimmy, and Britt Robinson broke 200, Gene Sears, Bill Dunlap, and Larry Gravestock broke 199's for the 997 record breaking score at the time. Jimmy won many trophies across the nation, as well as the Grand American. Jimmy became a AA-27-AA shooter, and remained on the 27 throughout his shooting career. He was a Life member of OTA, and the ATA. He was also a OTA Board Director in 1979. He carried a 99% Singles average for 4 years, the highest being 99.47, 98+% for 17 years, and 97+% for 6 years. In 2005 he was only able to shoot 400 Singles, but carried a 98 average on them. In 2007 Jimmy attended the Grand for the last time where he broke 100 in the Champion of Champions event. From 1967 to 1987 Jimmy never missed the Grand. Jimmy's career totals are 93,150 Singles, 92,800 Handicap, and 59,450 Doubles. Jimmy will be missed by all, and our sincere condolence's go to his family.

Tim Deister

Oklahoma ATA Delegate