OTSA Officers & Directors

Much hard work takes places behind the scenes.  So you will know who is responsible

for that work AND if you have a question about a particular area you will know which officer to approach.

2019 Officers (pdf)



Tim Deister, Oklahoma ATA Delegate

Spring Fling Visitors with OTA History

At the Spring Fling Shoot, May 11th & 12th a New Mexico shooter, Trenton Melton whose son lives in Yukon came and shot with us. When I visited with him, he told me his first paycheck from any job ever came from the OTA Shooting Park.  When the club was brand new in 1980, he was employed setting targets on the Winchester hand set traps.  From there he started shooting trap and Marie Ketchum saw him and asked him to be on her youth team.  The picture of him on her team survived the tornado and now hangs in the Hall of Fame area of the new clubhouse.  Trenton broke his first 100 straight in the 5th 100 of the Doubles Marathon on Saturday.  Trenton's brother, Rex Melton from Texas, also came and shot with us.