2019 Oklahoma All-Americans

More All-Americans from Oklahoma than ever before!  These shooters met the requirements and shot the scores to make this special achievement.  Congratulations to you all.  You make us Oklahoma Proud!!

2019 Oklahoma State Teams

2019 Oklahoma State Teams (png)


51 Years of Hall of Fame- 2019

Oklahoma Trapshooters Hall of Fame 51 years - 2019 (png)


500,000 - 250,000 Club Members

Shooters who registered 500,000 or 250,000 targets in their lifetime are honored on this list. We also have those who have shot "grand slams" that is 200 straight in singles, 100 straight from 27 yard line handicap and 100 straight in doubles during their shooting career.  We are proud of these folks.  Many do not shoot now, but their legacy goes on.

Tim's Corner


Tim deister Oklahoma ATA Delegate

Tim  Deister serves as our Oklahoma ATA Delegate.  He submits many articles and shoot reports to ATA and Trap and Field Magazine about Oklahoma and Oklahoma Shooters. Following is one of his latest reports.

Southwestern Grand Report

Oklahoma shooters did very well at the Southwestern Grand in San Antonio inspite of challenging weather at times.Weather was great during the week but the rains came in Sat & Sun events keeping scores low.  There were 12 Oklahoma shooters and 10 won awards. Tex Hollis was the only Oklahoman to run a 100 straight in the Singles Sat.  Kia Funkhouser won Sub Jr in all events except 2 and won HAA and HOA (by 50 targets).  She had to shoot the Doubles on Sun morning by herself in a light mist and north wind. This rest of the squad did not show up.  This was the second squad she had moved to just so she would not have to shoot by herself.

The rain poured down hard early causing withdrawals and the start of the event to be delayed 1 1/2 hours.  The north winds kept the Handicap scores low.  It turned out Garrett Helin's 92 was high all by itself.  Tim Mount broke 91 to win SBV, and Justin Cavett broke 90 to win a yardage award.  Brian John Sotin's 91 won RU.