Notes from the Spring Grand in Tuscon

Kenyon Bert and Justin Cavett have taken trophies at the Spring Grand Shoot in Tuscon.  Kenyon ran 100 straight Feb 18 and 95 x 100 in Handicap. His squad shot 498 x 500 with Brayden Bliss shooting 100, Dave Wommack 100, Ron Bliss 99, Dennis Patrick 99. Ron took Class singles with 100, Klayton McGee 100.  Class Doubles Kya ran 100 with a three way tie for champ.  Ron shot a 98 winning sub-vet in a seven-way tie. Ron also shot in the doubles championship today (Friday) in a five-way tie and came in runner-up in sub-vet shootoff. 

Justin Cavett holds a handful of Jr Gold belt buckle wins.

Ron Bliss & Arkansas Shooter Jim Cooper share congrats at shootoff in Tuscon.

Keep up the good work guys/gals!!

2019 Oklahoma All-Americans

The following TWELVE Oklahoma Shooters made the ATA All-American Team for 2019.  We are very proud of their hard work & dedication to this daunting task.  Congratulations Shooters!!

Patrick Stacey - Open Second Team

Shelby Skaggs - Lady I Second Team

Paula Trayer - Lady II Second Team

Kya Funkhouser - Sub-Junior First Team

Jacob Diller - Sub-Junior First Team

Klayton McGee - Junior Second Team

Corbin Grybowski - Junior Gold First Team

Justin Cavett - Junior Gold Second Team

Jeffery Trayer - Sub-Vet Second Team

Ron Bliss - Sub-Vet Second Team

Robert Rimer, Jr - Veteran First Team

William Dayton - Senior Vet Second Tea

2019 Oklahoma State Teams

2019 State Team (pdf)


51 Years of Hall of Fame- 2019

Oklahoma Trapshooters Hall of Fame 51 years - 2019 (png)


500,000 - 250,000 Club Members

Shooters who registered 500,000 or 250,000 targets in their lifetime are honored on this list. We also have those who have shot "grand slams" that is 200 straight in singles, 100 straight from 27 yard line handicap and 100 straight in doubles during their shooting career.  We are proud of these folks.  Many do not shoot now, but their legacy goes on.