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Oklahoma Trap Shooting

Established in 1906 the Oklahoma Trap Shooting Association strives to have a safe and friendly atmosphere for all ages interested in this sport.  Literally surviving the May 31, 2013 tornado which occurred during the 2013 Oklahoma State Trap Shoot, this club is dedicated to the survivor.  The clubhouse was totally demolished  along with numerous RV's and campers, Thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths, but a new club had to emerge.  Since the ground breaking near Lake Hefner in 1906 where the first Oklahoma Trap grounds were until today near El Reno, determined leaders with the "survivor" attitude assure the club continues to provide a place to enjoy  clay target sports in a modern-day setting.  

Our first priority is safety, so we encourage all visitors to read the Safety Rules.  For your convenience, you can purchase shot gun shells in the clubhouse.  There ear plugs and eye protectors for loan as needed. 

Home of the Oklahoma State Trap Shoot, OTSA also hosts youth state shoots for  Academics Integrity and Marksmanship (AIM)  and 4-H Club shooters. In addition, several Amateur Trap Association (ATA) shoots will be held this year including our special Red Earth Shoot hosted each fall. 

We now include a new format of registered shooting called "Big 50's." In a regular ATA shoot, the program includes at least 100 singles, 100 handicap and 100 doubles targets on the program. Targets are logged and sent to the ATA for recording on each shooter, averages determined, number of wins, etc. for the target year. In the "Big 50's" shooters can shoot 50 targets in each event and receive credit for half the number of targets.  Please check the  current Registered Shoots page for dates and detailed information.  

We have 12 ATA regulated trap fields and three skeet fields. All of our trap fields are equipped with Canterbury Voice Release and Pat Traps, and we only throw White Flyer targets.   

Our survivor club is a prime example that good things can come from  bad happenings when the 2013 devastating tornado struck. Now  we boast of a new air-conditioned range house built in 2014 with plenty of space for meetings,  a family member hang out and definitely a place to rest and relax.  There are cold drinks and snacks available.  During the State Shoot and other major events, food trailers and fundraiser lunches will be available.  

We have 30 campsites with water and electric hookup included limited 50 amp and 30 amp.  Pets are welcome, and we have a nice walking trail available.  

Campsite Reservations: Contact Ron Bliss, 405-641-8979.

In order to participate in ATA Registered Trap Shoots, you must  become a member of the OTSA (Oklahoma Trap & Skeet Association) and the ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association).  You will need to complete the OTSA Membership form found here and the ATA form found at https://shootata.com/Portals/0/pdf/membership-application.pdf?ver=2015-12-14-104236-000 or online application at   https://shootata.com/Membership/OnlineMembershipApplication.aspx  The dues are $20 per year for the OTSA and $20 per year for the ATA.  You can view an updated ATA Rule Book at https://shootata.com/AboutUs/ATABylaws,Rulebook,Forms.aspx   

The club is now open to the public, however;  members are eligible to purchase a reduced rate punch ($2 per round discount) card as well. There will be someone available to assist new shooters with trap disciplines at no charge.



                                      Tuesdays during Daylight Savings Time:   4pm to dusk

                                       Saturdays: 10am to 5pm

                                       Sundays: 12 noon to 5pm


                                    Trap or Skeet:  $8.00 per/round (25 targets)


                                    Pre-punch Card $120 for 20 rounds

                                  We now accept debit or credit cards.

If you are new to the sports of trap and skeet, please see the following links from the American Trap Association website: 

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Trapshooting Disciplines


Trapshooting Terminology


More about the ATA is available at the ATA Website https://shootata.com/default.aspx

For National Skeet information and events click on the following link: http://mynssa.nssa-nsca.org/

Oklahoma Skeet information link is: http://okskeet.com/